July 2016

Although less conspicuous this year, Oz has been far from inactive, with poems in many journals and anthologies.

He has also been working on a number of collaborations, with a number of Sankakei performances at literature festivals.

The House of Memory, co-created with composer Peter Byrom-Smith, received its premiere in York last month, and plans are underway for further performances, along with a recording/release next year, featuring Ben Lindley and Adam Parrish. More details once they’re finalised.

Meanwhile the Tiding of Magpies album, The Forgotten Grimoire, has been reissued on the splendid Focused Silence label. Check out a sample and, should you feel inclined, snap up a copy here.

Finally, a recent impromptu live spot with guitar noise explorer John Tuffen was so good that it’s got to happen again.

Busy times …

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