New Anthologies

During the summer, Oz’s work has appeared in a number of journals, but of particular note are these anthologies:

154: To celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary, Live Canon invited 154 contemporary poets to respond to the 154 sonnets. Each new poem sits facing the sonnet from which it took inspiration.

Remembering Oluwale: David Oluwale was hounded to his death in the River Aire in 1969. The 1971 trial in Leeds, UK, of the two policemen accused of his manslaughter generated newspaper and magazine report by Ron Phillips, a BBC radio play by Jeremy Sandford and poetry by Linton Kwesi Johnson. Then David was forgotten. But the issues that David embodied of hostility to migration, racism, mental ill-health, homelessness, police malpractice and destitution continue to scar British society to this day.

Corpse Roads: An epic collection of spellbinding poetry, focusing on folk horror, life, death and the eeriness of the landscape by many creative talents both living and departed. Accompanied throughout with atmospheric imagery by an impressive collection of contemporary photographers. Oz contributes both poetry and photographs.

Stories from the Forests of Leeds: In stories, the forest is a place of transformation. It’s a place people venture into, away from the established order, to confront the problems that face them. This book imagines Leeds as a forest – a complex, diverse place with no wide landscape, where roads thread between buildings, connecting people and communities.

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