Leaving Hell Behind …

On 21st December, Hedgehog Poetry Press will be publishing The Still and Fleeting Fire by Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick. Marking 700 years since the death of Dante Alighieri, the chapbook, which won the Hedgehog “Conversationally Yours” competition, is a three-way dialogue with Dante, which charts a path through the Purgatorial period of pandemic and lockdown.

“The pandemic is our purgatory in these prose poems, strewn with the detritus of death and life, torment and beauty. Is there a way forward? As we learn from Dante at the very heart of his poem, the next step is ours to choose.” – Laurie Shepard, Associate Professor of Italian, Boston College

“Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick bring Dante’s themes and images brilliantly to bear on our Covid era, in prose poems whose imaginative flights are superbly controlled – and philosophically purposed. Essential reading in this Dante 700th anniversary year.” – Paul Munden, poet and Editor of Divining Dante

“A thick soup of allegories that become possible oxymorons in that non-linear sea that is our experience in this life. Amina Alyal and Oz Hardwick have managed to rework Dante’s poetic material, with its immense specific weight, and to translate it into a very personal style: rich, vivid and figurative. Despite the thread of a bobbin run by the devil, despite the thin finger that urges us into the labyrinth, and despite the roads blocked by fallen stars and fallen angels, there is a very strong need to dress our bodies with a True – albeit not real – skin that shows us the way.” – Santy Masciarò, Dante Society London

Copies may be ordered through the publisher, all usual outlets, or via the Contact page of this website.

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