Playing in bands or collaborating with musicians:

Space Druids are an interntional/interdimensional conglomeration of carbon-based lifeforms. Their debut album Paradox Paradigm, deemed by none other than Nik Turner to be “Super Groovy!!!” is classic space rock par excellence, with lyrics by Oz Hardwick, who also adds his voice to a number of tracks. Full details and purchase options (though you can just listen to it online if you like) here.

Peter Byrom-Smith and Oz Hardwick: Contemporary classical. For a sample and details of the new CD, The House of Memory, click here.

Sixpenny Wayke: Steeped in British folk traditions. Listen to Madron Well.

Root 64: Rootsy acoustic rock. Listen to their cover of Bad Moon Rising.

Sankakei: Poetry and music inspired by Japan. For samples and details of the CD, On an Eastern Breeze, go to their page at Catchment Recordings.

A Tiding of Magpies: Avant-garde dark folk and experimental strangeness. Web link coming soon…