Poetry Collections (signed copies of most volumes available – get in touch via contact form to check availability):

My Life as a Time Traveller: A memoir in 18 Discrete Fragments (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2023). The grey area between reality and the impossible is Hardwick’s prose-poetic comfort zone. Navigating it, he often conveys reality with an intensity mere realism finds difficult to match. – International Times

A Census of Preconceptions (SurVision Books, 2022). Rubery International Book Award for poetry shortlist 2023. Yes, it reflects upon death, beliefs, and doubts, but mostly it is full of joyous associations and playful observations, delightful moments and wonders – Tears in the Fence

Reports Come In (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2022). Here is poetry which shouts about the injustice and horror of contemporary life, poetry which uses beauty and close attention to form as a means of transformation. – The Lake

The Still and Fleeting Fire (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2021). Deeply political; always humane; darkly witty; tragically beautiful, these poems will repay re-reading. Forget Rough Guides; slip this volume into your pocket in lieu of a map for all your journeys. – The Lake

Wolf Planet (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2020). Absorbing, engaging, utterly engrossing. It simply refuses to be contained. You just have to read it. – Confluence

The Lithium Codex (Hedgehog Poetry Press, 2019) Rubery International Book Award for poetry shortlist 2020. This fine collection hums with a resonant beauty … a poet at the height of his powers. – Northern Soul

Learning to have Lost (IPSI, 2018) Winner of the Rubery International Book Award for Poetry 2019. Flights into the surreal whose subtextual shadowings bear the crispness of emerging new truths. – The Yorkshire Times 

The House of Ghosts and Mirrors (Valley Press, 2017) A substantial and most honest work: emotion and memory distilled into words by a poet whose mastery of the craft seems wholly instinctive and intuitive. An eclectic triumph. – Write Out Loud

The Firefox Suite (Origami Poems Project, 2016) Free micro-chapbook.

New Crops from Old Fields: Eight Medievalist Poets. Edited, with Introduction and eight poems (Stairwell Books, 2015)

Close as Second Skins, with Amina Alyal (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2015) Give (these poems) the time and the space in your mind that they deserve, and you’ll be richly rewarded. – The Press

The Ringmaster’s Apprentice (Valley Press 2014) Wonderful, provocative and memorable. – The Poetry Kit

An Eschatological Bestiary (Dog Horn 2013) As a mix of philosophy, Rimbaudesque poetry, humour, and political protest this book will reward intelligent reading. – HQ

 The Illuminated Dreamer (Oversteps 2010) Hardwick can be surreal, but is always lyrical in this eclectic, pleasurable book. – Orbis

The Lost Songs (Indigo Dreams 2009) [Selection from first two collections] Re-finds magic in current times. – Reach Poetry

Carrying Fire (bluechrome 2006) An outstanding and eccentric talent. – New Hope International Review

The Kind Ghosts (bluechrome 2004) The more one reads Hardwick’s poems the more they have to say… the nearer one approaches, the more they open up, the warmer the embrace. – The Black Mountain Review